We have hundreds of suppliers and have made cooperation for more than 20years , we developed universal product Stereotypes, which make sure we can match different product requirements at a short time. We usually get much clients with low profit. Xuli Industrial Co., Ltd, a company established in1989, which is a company gathering research and development, production as well as trade as a whole. We are specialized in consumer packaging, industrial packing, soft packaging as well as intelligent packaging system research and engaged in development, design, production, sales services.
Our products stand out for its biodegradability, environment protection, excellent printing effect, safety and hygiene, ideal thermal sealing effect, and high strength. It is ideal for mass production becaue of its high-degree standardization. Plastic products are widely used in chemical industry, food industry, building materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, daily chemical industry and other industries. We boast more than 4000 clients from home and abroad.
At present, there are three main product catagories, namely industrial paper packaging, plastic packaging and intelligent packaging system. Among them, industrial paper packaging mainly includes valve pockets, square bottom bags, hot-sealed pockets, sewn bottom bags and so on.
The intelligent packaging system of powder and particle material includes the valve pocket robot automatic bag-grabbing, metering filling, transmission and automatic detection, automatic palletizing and automatic sleeve and other modules, applied to the chemical, food, building materials, medicine and other industries of the output of powder and granular materials, in order to achieve clean, high-precision filling and highly automated operation of of the whole process.